Introducing Zenernet’s New Solar Pricing Calculator

Get an instant, accurate price for a solar installation based on your own estimated usage

Zenernet is proud to release a first-of-its-kind solar pricing calculator to help homeowners get an accurate quote with nothing more than an address and an average monthly energy bill amount. We’ll evaluate your energy usage and physical location to determine an ideal system size, and present a quote to you in seconds.

Thanks to our modular pricing structure, users can customize their system configuration and see the impact on price with the click of a button. Choose your panels, inverter, warranty length, and more – experiment until you find an ideal configuration for your budget and energy production needs.

Once users arrive at their ideal configuration, they can click to “buy now” and kick off their enrollment process right then and there. Alternatively, homeowners can book a time, call our team, or request a call to continue the discovery process. Our expert energy consultants are ready to help answer any questions and finalize system designs. 

This calculator represents a new and improved approach to online solar pricing estimates. Unlike many competitors, Zenernet does not recommend standardized, cookie-cutter packages – we analyze your reported usage and consider your geographic location to recommend a system size that will offset 100% of your energy consumption. We then display the pricing for our recommended system configuration at that size, and allow users to customize their configuration by choosing their preferred components and add-ons. 

Our calculator is also ideal for comparing bids from other solar installation companies. Simply choose an identical configuration to your competing bid – we’re confident our price will be competitive when comparing apples-to-apples.

Although 100% offset is most often the ideal target for a solar installation, it may be impossible or impractical to reach this benchmark due to shading or roof obstructions, which our calculator does not account for. Our energy consultants will be able to help fine-tune your proposal and adjust for any additional circumstances. 

This project was born out of our commitment to transparency, and enabled by innovations in technology and approach we’ve made in previous years. Our modular pricing strategy allows homeowners to choose a configuration that makes sense for them, and understand how their priorities impact the price of the system and the return on their investment.

Ready to take our pricing calculator for a spin? Click here to get started – we look forward to helping you in your solar research process! 

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