Announcing Our Revamped Referral Program

A better way to get rewarded for recommending Zenernet to friends and family

Zenernet is committed to the goal of delivering the best customer experience in solar. We’ve always encouraged homeowners who go solar with us to share their experiences publicly, so that other homeowners know what we can offer and so we know how we can improve. For some time now we’ve offered a referral program so that homeowners who go solar with Zenernet can get rewarded by recommending us to family and friends. We’re pleased to announce that we’re making some improvements to that program that will make it easier to submit referrals, monitor the status of referrals you make, and get paid.

What’s available today:

We’ve made it easy to submit referrals and get bonuses paid out via echeck. Now, all you have to do to refer is fill out the form on (or any other referral form you may receive via email or see on social media). Simply enter the email associated with your Zenernet account, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Once your referrals have been installed and you’re eligible for payment, we will issue an e-check for the bonus amount you earned. Before processing your first referral payment under this new system, we will need to collect a signed Form W-9. We will issue this form to you to complete via e-signature. This is a one-time process – once we have a completed Form W-9 on file for you, we will be able to issue bonus checks for all future referrals.

What’s coming soon:

We are working on enhancements to make our referral program easier and more robust. The first feature we anticipate adding is a portal to track referral history and the status of in-flight referrals. We expect this platform to be available by July.

What’s different:

Previously, we used a third-party mobile app to collect and track referrals. This required our customers to download an app and manage a profile outside of Zenernet. The user experience was less than ideal, and many homeowners opted to simply send referrals via email*. This made it difficult for us to track referrals and pay bonuses in a timely fashion.
This new system eliminates the need to download an app and streamlines our ability to track payments and process bonuses quickly.
We’re excited about how these changes will make our referrals program easier and more rewarding to use. If you have questions about how it works, reach out to your energy consultant or project manager.

Have some referrals you’d like to submit?

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* We are still happy to accept referrals via email – now, we just have a better process for tracking these and issuing payment in a timely fashion. If you prefer to email your referrals to your energy consultant, project manager, or another Zenernet contact, we’ll take care of the rest.

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