Why season shouldn’t impact your decision to go solar

When most people think about going solar, they tend to think of it as a project that happens in the summer. However, there really is no optimal season to go solar. Solar is a long-term investment, and, like all long term investments, the best time to get started is today – whenever “today” happens to be. 

The best day to go solar is today

One of the major benefits of going solar is the return on investment that it generates. In order to reap the benefits of the return on your investment, you have to start investing – in other words, there’s no reason that time of year should impact your decision to go solar. Remember: solar should be viewed as a long-term purchase. Once you feel completely confident about your decision to go solar, there’s no reason to wait – especially not for the time of year. 

Net metering can make solar beneficial year-round

Net metering is a billing mechanism that allows homeowners to send excess electricity back to the grid and use it at a later time when their solar panels are producing less electricity. Not only is net metering beneficial on a day to day basis when your panels are producing more electricity during the day and less electricity at night, but also during the winter months when there is less sunlight. Even for homeowners who can’t take advantage of a net metering policy, the seasonal differences in solar production are not enough to make it worth delaying an installation that makes financial sense.

The bottom line

Although your panel production may vary from season to season, keep in mind that there isn’t a substantial difference. Remember: solar panels generate electricity from light exposure – not heat. Plus, the demand for solar increases significantly during the summer months, so it’s a big advantage to get your installation done before the busy summer months. In fact, going solar over the winter allows homeowners to be ready for a full summer’s worth of production in Year 1.

If you’re considering solar installation, get started with a virtual consultation with our expert energy consultants today – we’ll help you evaluate your home’s potential and get you on the road to energy independence. 

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