Why Go Solar?

Power Your
Life on Your
Own Terms.

A Better deal on energy for a better life.

A smart money-saving strategy for today. A great investment for the future. A path to greater peace of mind. A responsible choice for the planet. Which will be your best reason for going solar?

Financial Returns

Reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bill while adding value to your home.

Energy Independence

Live more comfortably and free yourself from rising electricity rates and concerns about outages.

Going Green

Every homeowner that goes solar has a dramatic impact on our journey to a more sustainable future.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Get more value from solar and get ready for future energy generation advances.

Start saving,
watch your investment grow,
and get money back

With nearly every product or service we buy, we do our research, weigh our options, and make a smart choice. But for years, homeowners have had to simply accept the rates and service from whatever utility services their area. Going solar changes that by finally giving homeowners the power to choose a better deal.

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Save Money

As soon as your solar panels are operating, you’ll start seeing dramatically reduced or even eliminated energy bills.
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Cash in
on Incentives

A 26% federal tax credit and the possibility of other state and local incentives makes going solar more affordable for more homeowners.
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Lock in
Lower Costs

As time goes by and utility energy rates inevitably keep going up, the savings of going solar will rack up more and more.

enjoy the advantages of energy independence.

Go ahead. Turn the thermostat down another couple of degrees to get relief from a sweltering summer. Warm up the water in your pool to keep it comfortable for taking a dip any time. Going solar allows you to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of your home more while relying on your utility less.

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Stay cool and comfortable

Stop sweating through the summer and lift the burden of energy budgeting. Enjoy your home without stress and guilt.
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Put outages out
of your mind

Going solar gives you peace of mind if you live in an area with frequent outages or blackouts, especially combined with home batteries and generators.

You can save the world by going solar

A strong statement? Maybe, but we don’t think it’s overstating the case. There are few better ways to make your lifestyle more green than by going solar. Every homeowner that goes solar makes a dramatic difference in preserving our planet.

A Weighty Impact

A typical residential solar system prevents 160 metric tons of carbon emissions and takes us a step closer to eliminating fossil fuels.

Seeds of Change

Over a typical 25 year lifespan, a residential solar system has the same green effects as planting 190 acres of new forest.

The Road to Sustainability

The average home solar install is like eliminating 400,000 vehicle miles driven over a system’s lifetime

Tech for today's needs and tomorrow's changes.

Going solar isn’t only a smart choice for right now; it puts you on the cutting edge of a sustainable energy revolution, and as your lifestyle and energy needs change, solar can adapt and evolve with you.
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Get EV Ready

Buying an electric vehicle? You can add an EV charger to your system, powered by the energy from your solar panels.
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Get Room to Grow

If your energy needs change, you can upgrade your system with more panels or higher-capacity panels.

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