What to Expect from the Zenernet Sales Process

Please Note: The solar industry is evolving rapidly, and many of our older blog posts may contain outdated information. Please continue to follow our blog and social media channels for updates on changing conditions. 

Here’s what you can look forward to while considering going solar with Zenernet

Our top priority is to deliver the best customer experience in solar. This starts with our no-pressure, education-first consultation. We know it can be a gamble to submit your contact information online – so to help put you at ease, we figured we’d tell you exactly what our game plan is, up front and honest.

One thing in particular sets us apart from many other solar companies: Our consultation is 100% remote. All you need to do is find a convenient time to sit down in front of your computer, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll send you a screen share link to view some helpful materials and visuals, and we’ll even walk you through your system design process. 

When we’re on the phone with you, our job is to help you determine whether solar is a good option for you, and, if it is, to help explain the nuances of the decision and get the ball rolling. Above all, we promise to not be pushy – we’re happy to part as friends if you decide against going solar, for any reason.

The Zenernet Consultation Experience: Simple, pressure-free, educational, and convenient.

With that said, let’s go over what to expect when you submit your information to us.

  1. We’ll reach out to you as quickly as we can upon receiving your information. Most hours of the day, we’ll call you within a few minutes. Late at night, on weekends and holidays, and during the busy summer season it may take us a bit longer, but we’ll do our best to contact you within a day.
  2. We’ll add you to our email newsletter, which contains information and updates about the solar industry and our company. Skim over them when you get them and see if anything catches your eye – we do our best to send you relevant, informative, useful content. If it’s not your cup of tea, feel free to unsubscribe anytime.
  3. If we don’t get ahold of you right away, we’ll try a few more times throughout the day. We’ll also shoot you an email and a text. This isn’t to bug you or pressure you into a quick response – we just want to make sure we reach you on your preferred channel. You can contact us via any of those channels, anytime.
  4. Once we connect, we’ll work with you to schedule a solar consultation call at your convenience (or, if you’re ready to roll, we can get it started right away). The consultation typically takes 20-30 minutes, and it’s where we’ll help you design a system custom-tailored for your home, answer all your questions, and dive into the numbers and how they add up in your situation. Remember to have a recent energy bill handy for this conversation, so we can give you the most accurate answers possible.
  5. Upon completion of the consultation, we’ll give you some time to think things over. We’ll check in with you periodically to see where you stand and answer any questions as they come up.
  6. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll proceed accordingly. If you decide to move forward with us, awesome – we’ll get the project underway and keep you well informed of its progress. If you decide solar isn’t right for you or it’s not the right time, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll part as friends and leave you be, with no pressure or pushiness.

Have no fear – click below to get started with the pressure-free Zenernet experience!

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