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How to Turn Your System On – Enphase

Step by step instructions for turning on Zenernet solar systems using Enphase inverters

Enphase Electrical System

Enphase Pic 1

There is a breaker in your main electric panel that needs to be switched to “on”. This is marked with a red label and needs to be pointing in the direction of the bus bar.

Main Electrical Panel

Enphase Pic 2

Next, there are three dual breakers located in the combiner box. This is where your Envoy (solar production communication device) is located. Again, each of them need to be switched to the “on” position, which is towards the bus bar. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SYSTEM HAS THREE STRINGS DUE TO SYSTEM SIZE.

Enphase Combiner Box

Enphase Pic 3

Finally, there may be an AC disconnect between your electrical panel and your system that needs to be turned “on” which is UP. The one in my photo is currently turned “off”. Some solar systems are installed with the AC disconnect located in the combiner box itself. So, if you do not see this AC disconnect box outside, you will already have turned it on with the breakers inside the combiner box.

AC Disconnect

Enphase Pic 4

After we are powered on, you will receive an invitation to access your solar system’s production through the Enphase Enlighten portal. This usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to cycle through.

Enphase Pic 5

Enphase has an excellent customer support team you are welcome to call if you have technical questions about your Enphase system.

Congratulations on your journey to energy independence!

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