What’s in a name? – The meaning behind Zenernet

You’ve probably noticed our name, Zenernet, is a little different than what you hear from most solar companies. For one thing, we skipped the ubiquitous references to sun, sol, light, shine, and the like. Not that there’s anything wrong with those – just not our style.

If you really look at our name, you may find yourself wondering – wait, what exactly does that mean? Most of us here have arrived at that question at one point or another in our early days on the team. What’s the story?

The more observant are likely to have picked up on the first aspect quickly: Zen. Zen is a school of Buddhism tracing its origins back to the Tang Dynasty in China, but the term has taken on a distinct connotation in modern times. We know Zen to signify a feeling of calm, peace, even bliss. Literally, it means a state of calm attentiveness, in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

We incorporated Zen into our name as a sign of our commitment to perfecting the experience of going solar – we work every day to create an approachable, stress-free experience that leaves our customers with a feeling of ease and contentment. Everyone is happier in a Zen environment.

The second layer is a little more obscure, but every bit as important. Enernet is a term for a distributed, decentralized, multi-participant energy network built around clean energy generation, storage, and delivery. The term has been popularized over the last decade by tech innovators like Jigar Shah and Bob Metcalfe. 

Being involved in the adoption of an Enernet is central to our purpose as a company. Our mission is to Accelerate Energy Independence for All. Enernet is a clear path to energy independence – a departure from the outdated grid system and a step toward individually-owned, independent energy production that empowers homeowners and reduces energy costs.

So there you have it: Zen + Enernet = Zenernet. It’s a constant reminder what our mission is, and the importance of creating a positive and enjoyable experience for our customers in its pursuit.

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