Texas clean energy leader

Texas leads the nation in clean energy installation

The state installed by far the most solar, wind, and battery storage capacity in 2021, with much more on the way

They say everything is bigger in Texas – and that includes renewable energy.

The Lone Star State stands alone at #1 in a report released by the American Clean Power Association ranking the states by the amount of total clean power (solar, wind, and storage) capacity installed last year.

A staggering 7,352 megawatts of clean power capacity came online in Texas in 2021, more than double the figure of the runner-up state, California. There’s also almost another 20,000 mW of capacity currently in development.

Historically, Texas has been well known for its fossil fuel industry. Nevertheless, clean energy technologies have been able to flourish, in large part because the state passed laws in the 1990’s which forced utility companies to compete on price, setting the stage for huge gains by renewables as the costs of solar and wind power has dropped dramatically in recent years. Abundant sunshine and policies that exempt residential solar systems from causing property tax hikes have also helped to make solar an attractive option for many Texas homeowners.

You can read our complete rundown on the state of solar in Texas here. If you’re a Texas homeowner who’s considering joining the state’s renewable energy boom, schedule a talk with one of our expert energy consultants today.

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