Go solar with Zenernet in October and we’ll make sure you receive the full 26% value from the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

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We’re standing behind our fast installation timelines and ensuring homeowners who go solar with us this month will see the full 26% benefit from the ITC.

In order to qualify for the 26% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) before it steps down to 22%, homeowners need to have panels installed before the end of the year. With time running out, many solar companies have stopped offering 2020 installations, punting on an additional 4% savings for their customers. Not Zenernet – we’re so confident in our ability to install your system before the end of the year, we’re ensuring that all homeowners who go solar with us from now through the end of October see the full 26% value of the ITC*.

How we’re guaranteeing the 26% value of the ITC for our homeowners

  • Fast installations – our top priority is to get your system installed before the end of the year. With our new Virtual Home Visit process and other time-saving processes, we’re able to move installations faster. We’re confident that we’ll be able to install projects for customers who go solar with us in October before the end of the year, allowing those homeowners to claim the full 26% benefit.
  • For financed purchases – we’ve extended our promotion offering six months of payments** on us for homeowners who go solar with us in October in a financed purchase. We’ll do our best to get the project installed by the end of the year, but if we can’t, the value of the six months of payments will be roughly equal to the additional 4% in the tax credit. Homeowners who are installed by the end of the year will enjoy even more value, so the sooner you get started, the better.
  • For cash purchases – if you go solar with us in October in a cash purchase, and we’re unable to install your system by the end of the year, we’ll take 4% off the price of your system at the final payment.

The bottom line

If you go solar with us in October, we’ll make sure you get the value of the 26% ITC, one way or another.

Time is of the essence – in order to make sure you have time to make an informed decision and move forward in October, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team today. Click here to get started:

*Terms and conditions apply. Homeowners must qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to be eligible. Homeowners must complete the process of enrolling with Zenernet by October 31st, 2020, including contracts signed and deposit made, to be eligible.

**To qualify for the six months free offer, homeowners must agree to finance their solar energy equipment and installation costs with Zenernet’s financing partner, Sunlight Financial, and be approved for credit by October 31st, 2020. Some homeowners may not qualify for financing based on their credit history or capacity to repay the loan. Qualified homeowners will receive a lump sum reimbursement payment equal to the amount of the first six monthly payments due on their loan from Sunlight Financial. Homeowner will still be responsible for making payments, beginning with the first payment due, as agreed in the Terms of Purchase. Homeowners are not required to finance their purchase and may pay in full without any finance charges.

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