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Solar Installation

Putting together a proposal for going solar that looks good on paper is one thing. Actually getting your system installed safely and smoothly is another. Like any other major home improvement project, you want the work done by people you can trust, and you want it done right the first time. From the moment you choose to go solar with Zenernet, we’re working to deliver an install process that gives you a better system and more peace of mind.

Better Installs
By Design

Smooth installs start with accurate plans. Zenernet’s Virtual Home Visit site assessment system and advanced design tools have proven to be more precise than the old-fashioned system of a technician coming to your house and walking around with a tape measure because it eliminates human error. This enhanced accuracy in the design and engineering phase eliminates the need for last-minute alterations to the plan at the job site.

Experienced Local Professionals

Because we’re obsessed with perfecting the residential solar experience, we refuse to let our solar installations be carried out by just anyone. Zenernet uses a carefully-vetted network of locally-based work crews for all of our installs and maintenance. You can be sure that your project will be carried out by experienced specialists who meet or exceed all licensing and insurance requirements, and who uphold Zenernet’s standards of quality, professionalism, and safety.

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Quality installs require quality materials. From panels to inverters and mounting hardware, we only use top-flight components from leading manufacturers that perform well, are built to last, and won’t compromise the durability of your home’s roof.

In addition to the warranties against manufacturer defects that all of our solar components carry, Zenernet also offers homeowners their choice of 10, 20, or 25-year workmanship warranties that cover your entire system and your roof. We also check every one of our installations with photo documentation to make sure they meet or exceed both industry standards and local building codes.


A lot of solar companies will try to sell you on fast installation timelines. While we certainly strive to get your job done quickly, we would rather get it done right. Every home is different, and if we run into a complication in your install we didn’t foresee, we’ll explain the situation and address it correctly instead of trying for a “quick fix.”

Because where you live has a big impact on the process of installing your system, we use only local work crews who are familiar with the unique complications of performing installs in your area. And we maintain a database of information on local AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) across the country to speed along the process of getting necessary permits.


Our goal is to give homeowners peace of mind about every aspect of the solar process – and there’s nowhere that’s more important than in job site safety during the install.

Every job site has a trained crew member designated as safety lead for the project. This crew member is responsible for documenting any unique possible hazards and for developing a Site Safety Plan (SSP) for the project. We make sure we take time to walk the homeowner through the SSP and their role in it. Caution tape, yard stakes, and similar makers are used whenever feasible to make it immediately clear to guests, delivery drivers, and passersby where they can safely go and where they shouldn’t be.

At Zenernet, we’re constantly working to create a culture of safety within our own crews and our network of partner installers. Crews who cut corners in the name of speed or convenience don’t meet our standards.

Why Go Solar With Zenernet

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A convenient and informative online consultation

A high-performance system tailored to your exact needs

A stress-free install at a very competitive price

A trusted partner to work with in the future

Zenernet’s low-pressure, high-tech customer experience starts with an in-depth, virtual consultation to educate homeowners on solar that is unique in our industry. An expert energy consultant will answer all your questions about solar and help you design a customized system using top-of-the-line components from the comfort of your home.

Zenernet helps homeowners get a better deal on energy and take charge of how they power their lives. We are also the only company in the industry to offer a la carte pricing, so you only pay for the system you want. Our installations are carried out by experienced local installers of the highest quality, and a personally-assigned project coordinator keeps you updated and takes the stress out of the process. Once your system is installed, monitoring tools let you see how much energy your system is producing and how much money it’s saving you, while Zenernet stays in touch as a trusted partner to address any future changes to your energy needs.

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