Smooth, easy, efficient: The Zenernet Virtual Experience

Going solar should be easy and convenient – that’s why we designed a way to complete the entire sales and design process from the comfort of your home.

Zenernet has used a fully remote, virtual consultation since Day One – we pioneered this model with convenience and efficiency for our homeowners in mind. In recent months, this virtual model has taken on a new level of importance, ensuring the safety and well-being of our homeowners and our team. But the benefits of this model go beyond just convenience and safety – our virtual process is the most robust and personalized experience in the industry, and it delivers the best results in terms of design accuracy and performance

Start with education – learn everything you need to know on our site

Whether you’re entirely new to the idea of going solar, or you’ve heard all about it from your neighbors and friends, you’ll find useful information and answers to your questions on our website. Brand new to solar? Start on our Why Go Solar page. Have the basics covered? Start with Why Zenernet to learn more about our company and our approach to helping homeowners go solar.

Interested in a consultation? We’re ready when you are.

Just pick a convenient time from our online scheduling page, and we’ll meet you then to answer your questions and design a custom system for your home. With Zenernet, you’ll never hear a knock on your door or have to host our team in your home: we’ll meet with you face-to-face and provide you with all the information you need on a virtual meeting.

With Zenernet, you design your own system

Zenernet is the first solar company to offer modular pricing, which means you have the power to design your own system by choosing the panels and components that are important to you. In your virtual consultation, our energy consultant will walk you through your system design and explain each individual component of your system and the pros and cons. You’ll also be able to choose where we place your panels and how we arrange them, with feedback from our expert consultants on how different placements impact system performance.

Our new Virtual Home Visit speeds up installation timelines and delivers the most accurate measurements in the industry

We recently launched our Virtual Home Visit process, which allows you to complete your site assessment in just a few minutes on your mobile device. This means that we don’t have to send a contractor to your home to take measurements before we complete an engineering Plan Set for your project, and we’ll be able to get started on your project faster.

Not only is this new process faster, it’s also more accurate. We use industry-leading technology to measure and assess your home, eliminating the potential for human error. This allows us to forecast your system production (and your financial benefits) with pinpoint accuracy.

“Our virtual consultation is the most robust, personalized consultation experience in the industry.”

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to help. Click below to schedule a consultation at your convenience and experience the convenience of our remote process for yourself.

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