Sparkling 5-star review from Ron in Mission Viejo, CA

Zenernet takes pride in delivering the best customer experience in solar – hundreds of rave reviews are testament to that commitment. Check out what homeowner Ron in California had to say about working with Zenernet!

Ron in Mission Viejo, CA writes:

“Mike M has been stellar in this process of “going solar” at our new home. After looking up and researching a number of companies, and entering my info at a few, I found the best outreach, communication, and respect for my time was without a doubt, was Mike’s approach. All the others rifle dialed for a couple days……same numbers calling once an hour all day long. That is not my style.

Mike reached out based in my web inquiry, kindly requested time to schedule a consultation, it was easily added to my calendar, and at no point in that process was there any hard sell. The consultation itself was amazing, he was able to identify based on my power bill and other factors I shared, what the best design, products, placement strategy… that was cool…..measuring how the sun hits our roof throughout the year with some pretty neat tools. We had a lot in common, so the conversation during the consultation was really mellow and still there was no hard sell (as you can probably tell, I dislike the pressure sales tactics of others), and we ended at just about an hour. It was time spent exceptionally well.

I have never had an experience like this before. If you want to feel comfortable, educated, and confident in your solar decision – Zenernet’s strategy is the best.

At the conclusion, I had a proposal emailed to me, every piece of information I needed to make the decision, and felt like I had all my questions answered and learned a ton. We are going to have a follow up (which was also gently scheduled and arranged…no hard sell) call so that my wife can ask some questions, and we will most likely be moving forward with Zenernet…..and I would say the it is 100% the manner in which Mike handled the process.

I’m sure solutions from other companies might come close, may be exactly the same, but the process of educating and on-boarding a potential new client….I have never had an experience like this before. Thank you Mike, look forward to chatting more, and locking in our Move to Solar!! If you want to be harassed and pressured and annoyed…..go with the other guys. If you want to feel comfortable, educated, and confident in your Solar decision…..Zenernet’s sales strategy is the best. And Mike made it all happen seamlessly. Thank you!!”

We’re thrilled Ron’s experience with Zenernet was so memorable. If you’re considering going solar, we’d love to share the Zenernet experience with you firsthand. Click below to schedule your consultation today!

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