Real-World Examples of Group Buy Savings

Kansas City area homeowners are seeing significant savings by going solar with our Group Buy deal.

We launched our limited-time Group Buy deal last month with one goal in mind: making the benefits of going solar more attainable to Kansas City area homeowners. A few weeks in, and we’re really happy with the results. More importantly, the homeowners who jumped on the offer are happy, too. “Happy” may even be an understatement – when you see the savings our Group Buy customers are seeing, you wouldn’t blame them for jumping up and down in celebration.

But first, a quick refresher on how solar saves homeowners money:

  • Everyone knows that homeowners pay a utility for the energy they use in their home – most people don’t think twice about it, aside from occasional frustration with the cost
  • By going solar, homeowners can significantly reduce the amount of power they have to buy from the utility
  • In most cases*, homeowners who go solar replace the single payment they’re used to making to their utility with two smaller payments: one on a loan for their system, and one for the energy they still need to purchase from the utility
  • Savings add up in two ways: First, by reducing the amount spent on electricity each month, and second, by locking in a rate for the portion of electricity generated by the system, protecting homeowners from future utility rate increases

*The exception to this is when homeowners pay for their system in full – in this case, the homeowner’s up-front investment is greater and leads to a greater long-term return on investment.

In order to estimate the long-term return on investment a homeowner can see by going solar, we have to consider a couple of variables. First, different states and municipalities have different rebates, incentives, and policies. These are factored into our estimate. Second, although it’s very safe to bet on utility rates increasing over time (history shows that they always have), it’s impossible to say exactly how much. We use a conservative estimate that projects utility rate increases at the rate of inflation.

Without further ado… Check out what homeowners in the Kansas City area are saving!

Breakdown of savings from Zenernet's solar group buy for James in Kansas City, MO

James in Kansas City, Missouri is a perfect example of what’s possible by going solar with our Group Buy offer. James will reduce his monthly energy expenditure right off the bat, and projects to save more than $50,000 over 25 years. Imagine what better uses James will be able to find for all that money!

Breakdown of savings from Zenernet's solar group buy for Mike in Kansas City, MO
Mike, also in KC, is another great case study. Like James, he’ll start saving right away and with save almost $40,000 over the long haul.
Breakdown of savings from Zenernet's solar group buy for Mike in Prairie Village, KS

Kansas is a little trickier than Missouri when it comes to solar. We went into depth on this topic earlier this week, and explained why it’s still worth exploring, even though the up-front savings are less likely to turn heads. Mike in Prairie Village is a great example of Kansas solar done right. He’ll pay a few dollars more each month for energy right away, but as energy rates increase, he projects to save more than $20,000 over time. Remember, that’s a conservative estimate.

There you have it – a few real-world examples of the power of our Group Buy deal. If you live in Kansas or Missouri, what are you waiting for? Click below to schedule a call with one of our consultants, who can help you determine if you, like the homeowners above, have the potential to save. You never know until you run the numbers!

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