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Utility Bills:
High and rising

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You deserve a better deal on energy.
Zenernet can help you get it.

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Experts in solar and home energy

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top rated by homeowners like you

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Focused on customer experience

what we'll cover

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Evaluate & Design

We evaluated your energy usage history and designed a system customized for your needs.

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analyze impact

We'll break down the financial and environmental impact of going solar with Zenernet.

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Move Forward

If the numbers make sense, we'll get your project started.

next steps

1. enroll with zenernet

Sign agreement to get project underway.

2. welcome call

Your dedicated project manager will call you to introduce themselves and talk through next steps.

3. virtual site assessment

We'll send a link to complete your Virtual Site Assessment, quickly and easily with no site visit necessary.

4. design & Engineering

Based on your Virtual Site Assessment, we'll develop an engineering plans set for your approval.

5. approvals

We'll submit your project plans to all relevant authorities for approval.

6. Installation

We'll schedule and complete your system installation.

7. Inspection

We'll coordinate inspection by any necessary local authorities and obtain Permission to Operate (PTO).

8. empowerment

We'll help you turn your system on and officially declare energy independence!

Ready to review your design?

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