Zenernet named one of World’s Most Innovative Companies by FastCompany

Zenernet recognized for innovation in remote processes, transparent pricing, and world-class customer experience 

Zenernet was founded in 2017 with the aim of improving the experience of going solar for homeowners across the country. Today, we’ve been named as one of the most innovative companies in the world by FastCompany. We’re honored by our selection and view it as a testament to the focus we’ve placed on that simple aim – improving the experience – every day for nearly four years. 

From FastCompany:

For reflecting what users want from a solar energy company

Solar power has been gaining ground among homeowners for years, but barriers to adoption persist even for the most interested parties, particularly the hassle of installation and opaque pricing structures. During the pandemic, these factors became even more of an obstacle. But Zenernet, a four-year old company founded in Kansas City, spent 2020 overcoming them, making solar energy more practical, affordable, and transparent for more people.

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Innovation is core to our approach at Zenernet. Since day one, we’ve been on the cutting edge of renewable energy, developing and implementing the latest and greatest technologies to create standout experiences for the homeowners who we interact with. 

Over the past year, one filled with unexpected challenges and constant change, one thing that remained consistent was our focus on improving the experience of going solar. With that objective in mind, we were able to turn many of the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic into positives for homeowners and for our company. 

Remote processes

Zenernet pioneered face-to-face remote sales, using videoconferencing as our primary means of communication even before the pandemic. Last year, we introduced Virtual Home Visits to eliminate the need for a technician to visit a customer’s home prior to installation. In addition to improving convenience and speeding up installation timelines, Virtual Home Visits improved accuracy of measurements and designs by eliminating the human error inherent to tape measurements. 

Modular pricing and instant, online quotes

Last year, we introduced a modular pricing structure that allows homeowners to tailor their system configuration to their unique needs and preferences, eliminating hidden costs and markups. This paved the way for the recent release of our online pricing calculator, which will raise the bar for online solar pricing. Unlike our competitors, we don’t pre-select an array of cookie cutter system sizes for users to choose from – using a homeowner’s address and energy bill, we estimate their energy consumption and recommend a system configuration to offset their usage. 

Users can then customize their system configuration and see the impact of their choices on their system price with the click of a button, and can even click “Buy Now” to begin the enrollment process online. Our expert energy consultants will be ready to answer any questions and help homeowners finalize their system design. 

World-class customer experience

These innovations have made the experience of going solar better for homeowners across the country, and in doing so, have allowed us to advance our mission of Accelerating Energy Independence for All. We are honored to make our debut appearance on FastCompany’s list of the most innovative companies in the world – and we have no plans of slowing down! 

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