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Manufacturer Contact Information

Here’s how to reach the manufacturers of the components in your system for warranty support

Going solar is a way to get more comfort and peace of mind in your daily life, and also an investment for the future. We want every homeowner who goes solar with us to have confidence that their solar system is made to last, and that if there are any problems, they have resources at their disposal to quickly get the issue resolved.

All of the components in a Zenernet solar system are covered by strong manufacturer’s warranties. In the case of solar panels, these warranties typically last 25 years from the date of installation. In the unlikely event there’s ever a problem with your system caused by a malfunctioning or defective component, you can contact the manufacturer to get support under warranty. Please check your contract to determine the manufacturer of your solar panels and/or other components. You can find support contact information for the manufacturers of components used in Zenernet installs below.

REC Solar Panels

Phone (Technical/Warranty): +1 (877) 890-8930


Canadian Solar

Phone (Technical/Warranty): 1 (855) 315-8915


Enphase (for inverters/batteries)

Phone (Technical/Warranty): (877) 797-4743


Generac solar and batteries

Phone (Technical/Warranty): (888) 436-3722



Phone (Technical/Warranty): (510) 498-3200

LG solar and Batteries

Phone (Technical/Warranty): (883) 378-0003

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