Is Solar
Right For Me?
How To Make A Wise Decision On Investing In Solar

Making Sense of Residential Solar

Home solar is exploding in popularity across the country. Declining costs of components and strong federal and local incentive programs have made going solar more affordable than ever before. Here’s how to figure out if it’s a smart decision for you.

Why Install
Solar Panels?

High Energy Bills

Solar delivers the most value where the cost of power from the utility is high and going up.

Sustainability Mindset

Going solar is one of the best steps you can take to help build a better future for our planet.

Long-Term ROI

Going solar can save you money immediately, but the value compounds over time as utility rates rise.

How to Estimate Solar ROI

The value you get back from your solar investment depends on several factors: the amount you’re able to save on your monthly utility bill, whether you go solar with a cash purchase or by financing (read our guide to solar financial models here), possible future utility rate increases, and inflation. When deciding if solar if a financial fit for you, you should consider both the short-term return in reducing or eliminating your utility bill, and the long-term value in locking in lower costs.

The Environmental Impact of Going Solar

There are few steps that an individual can take which will have more positive environmental impact than going solar. Residential solar doesn’t just save you money, it helps save the planet. Combining your solar system with add-ons like a charger for an electric vehicle can make your impact even greater.

Avoided Car Miles
Trees Planted
Avoided Flights

Based on lifetime production of an average-sized, 7 kW residential solar installation. Data via

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Zenernet’s highly-trained energy consultants are there to help you decide if home battery backup is right for you. All of our consultations are done remotely, so you can find your path to greater energy independence from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.


The #1 goal of all of our initial consultations with homeowners is to inform and answer questions.


You won’t experience any “hard sell” tactics in our consultations. We want you to make a decision you feel 100% confident in.


Our consultants will suggest a solution based on your unique energy needs and budget. We don’t sell “cookie cutter” systems.

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