Is A Home Battery
Right For Me?
How To Make A Wise Decision On Investing In Home Backup

Power You Can Depend On

Home batteries are an increasingly popular add-on to solar systems. The energy independence batteries provide can give you even greater comfort and peace of mind. Here’s how to decide if they’re the right choice for you.

What Makes A Strong Home Battery Candidate?

What Makes A Strong Home Battery

The most common reason that homeowners consider installing home batteries is utility outages. Interruptions in power are always inconvenient and can become costly and uncomfortable. While most homeowners don’t find it cost-effective to back up their entire home with batteries, many can still get a lot of value from home batteries by backing up the parts of their homes most critical to staying comfortable during an outage. If you live in an area with frequent outages (either due to weather or controlled blackouts), home battery backup might be for you.

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Are Batteries Worth The Expense?

There’s no question that the cost of home batteries is significant. Since a battery only stores power already generated by your solar system, it’s difficult to precisely quantify the return on investment of batteries the way we can calculate the savings solar panels generate by offsetting your utility bill. Batteries can still save you money in ways such as avoiding the expense of food wasted while your refrigerator or freezer are off during a power outage or lost productivity for those who work from home. The greatest value of battery backup, however, might be in the peace of mind and comfort it provides for your family.

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Zenernet’s highly-trained energy consultants are there to help you decide if home battery backup is right for you. All of our consultations are done remotely, so you can find your path to greater energy independence from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.


The #1 goal of all of our initial consultations with homeowners is to inform and answer questions.


You won’t experience any “hard sell” tactics in our consultations. We want you to make a decision you feel 100% confident in.


Our consultants will suggest a solution based on your unique energy needs and budget. We don’t sell “cookie cutter” systems.

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