How to earn thousands helping your friends and neighbors go solar

We’ll send you $500 for everyone you refer who goes solar – no catch, no limit, and anyone can send referrals. It’s all made easy with the Zenernet Advocator app.

Helping other people go solar is easy and lucrative with the Zenernet referral program. Whether or not you’re a Zenernet customer, we’re happy to reward you for helping us find more homeowners to join our mission to Accelerate Energy Independence for All. The best part? There’s no heavy lifting on your part. All you need to do is send us the names of your friends, family, and neighbors, and we’ll take care of the rest – you can even share a link to your social media audiences and rack up referrals without saying a word!

So, how much can I make by sending referrals?

For everyone you refer who completes a consultation with Zenernet, we’ll send you $50. For everyone you refer who goes solar with us, we’ll send you $500. There are no limits to how many referrals you can send – we’ve had advocates earn thousands of dollars in cash rewards just by introducing us to their acquaintances.

Why should I download the Advocator app? Can’t I just email you referrals?

The Advocator app makes the referral process easy and seamless, for you and for us. For one thing, submitting referrals takes seconds through the app, and allows us to reach out to your friends and family immediately to start the process. You can also share a link from the Advocator app to your social media audiences – anyone who comes into Zenernet through that link will be automatically added to your referral pipeline, and you’ll be eligible for rewards.

You can also track the progress of your referrals in real time in the Advocator app – your open referrals are right on the home screen when you open the app, so you can see where they are in the process and start planning ways to use your rewards.

Most importantly, the Advocator app allows you to claim your rewards quickly, easily, and securely. Funds will be deposited in your account as your referrals progress through the process, and you’ll be able to transfer them to your bank account or use them to purchase digital gift cards.

How do I get people interested in going solar?

Anyone who owns a home is a candidate to go solar – but many homeowners are skeptical about solar, or simply unfamiliar with the concept. While it’s not our intention to turn you into a salesperson, there are a few key points that can help you get people you know interested in hearing you out.

  • If you’ve gone solar, talk about your experiences – social proof goes a long way, and if people who trust you hear that solar has paid off for you, they’ll be that much more comfortable in the idea
  • When in doubt, focus on financial savings – everyone likes to save money, and many people aren’t aware that solar is a great way to save money on energy
  • Ask your referrals how much they spend on energy, and if they ever skimp on luxuries like A/C to avoid high bills

“There are no limits to how many referrals you can send – we’ve had advocates earn thousands of dollars in cash rewards just by introducing us to their acquaintances.”

How do I sign-up?

Signing up for Zenernet’s Referral Program is simple: 

  1. 1. Download the Advocator App on iTunes or Google Play.
  2. 2. Create an account using Zenernet’s company code, 2512.
  3. 3. Start sending referrals, and watch your rewards add up!

To download the Advocator app in the Apple app store, click the button below.

To download the Advocator app in Google play, click the button below.

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