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Home Battery Installation

Installing home batteries can be a complex job, depending on factors like the location of the system and the home’s main electrical panel, possible upgrades to the wiring or panel, local permitting requirements, and whether you’re installing a battery as part of a new solar install or adding battery backup to an existing solar system. At Zenernet, we try to take into account as many of these factors as possible well in advance to ensure the smoothest possible route from contract to completed install.

The Power
Of Planning

Ensuring homeowners are satisfied with their home batteries after install starts with education about the capabilities of home batteries and designing systems tailored to homeowners’ particular needs. Our consultants work with you in the design phase to make a battery plan that will allow uninterrupted access to the most essential and “comfort-critical” parts of your home during an outage while staying within your budget.

Experienced Local Professionals

Because we’re obsessed with perfecting the customer experience, we refuse to let our home battery installations be carried out by just anyone. Zenernet uses a carefully-vetted network of locally-based work crews for all of our installs and maintenance. You can be sure that your project will be carried out by experienced specialists who meet or exceed all licensing and insurance requirements, and who uphold Zenernet’s standards of quality, professionalism, and safety.

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The Best Battery Installation Experience


Quality installs require quality components. Zenernet uses only the most reputable brands in our battery installs. In addition to the warranties against manufacturer defects that all of our components carry, Zenernet also offers a 10 year workmanship warranty to cover any damage to the battery, it components, or the home as a result of installation.


We like to get jobs done quickly, but we’d rather get them done right. If we run into a complication in your install that we didn’t foresee, we’ll explain the situation and address it correctly instead of trying for a “quick fix.” Because where you live has a big impact on the process of installing your system, we use only local work crews who are familiar with the unique complications of performing installs in your area. And we maintain a database of information on local AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) across the country to speed along the process of getting necessary permits.


Every Zenernet job site has a trained crew member designated as safety lead for the project. This crew member is responsible for documenting any unique possible hazards and for developing a Site Safety Plan (SSP) for the project. We make sure we take time to walk the homeowner through the SSP and their role in it. We’re constantly working to create a culture of safety within our own crews and our network of partner installers. Crews who cut corners in the name of speed or convenience don’t meet our standards.

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Certified Installers

Zenernet’s low-pressure, high-tech customer experience starts with an in-depth, virtual consultation to educate homeowners on the ins and outs of battery backup. An expert energy consultant will answer all your questions about batteries and propose a solution based on your needs and budget. While global supply chains continue to suffer from disruption, Zenernet has secured long-term supplies of quality battery system components. That means you can be confident we’ll be able to deliver what we promised without delays to availability problems. All of our home battery projects are carried out by experienced local installers of the highest quality. From initial consultation to day of install, the Zenernet difference results in higher customer satisfaction.

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