At Zenernet, we believe that you should own your solar installation free and clear, just like you own your home – and we’ve secured financing options to make ownership attainable for our customers. 

There are many benefits to owning your system rather than leasing it. These include:

  • Increased protection against utility rate increases
  • Ease of transfer in the event you sell your home
  • Ability to expand your system or add components – ensuring you’re able to take advantage of technological innovations
  •  Access to better, more modern equipment
  •  Transparency throughout the process – you know exactly what you’re paying for your system from Day One

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Zenernet does not currently offer a lease option. This is a decision we made based on our belief that the solar lease options currently on the market are not in the best interest of our customers. There are several key drawbacks to the current lease options:

  • The total price of the system is unclear in a lease. 
  • Leases are typically built around the customer’s energy bill, rather than the cost of installing the system – making it easy to overpay.
  •  The escalating payment model typically used in solar leases negates any protection against utility rate increases – one of the top reasons to go solar in the first place.
  • There’s no clear endgame in a solar lease. At the end of the lease term, you’ll be asked to sign a new lease, on terms that are unpredictable at the time the original lease is signed.
  • You can’t improve your system under a lease – when new technology offers the opportunity to improve your system’s performance, customers on a lease will be unable to take advantage.

The benefits of the lease products currently on the market simply don’t make these tradeoffs worthwhile. Because of this, we’ve focused on securing a variety of financing options to make owning your solar system accessible. 


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