What You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

Although solar panels are fairly low maintenance, here are a few things you may come across

One factor that worries many homeowners who consider going solar is the maintenance required for solar panels. A solar panel installation is an expensive project installed on the exterior of your house and exposed to the elements. How do you maintain your investment?

The good news is that solar panels are extremely durable and situations requiring solar panel maintenance are rare. Solar panels are designed to be outside and are engineered to withstand severe weather. That means hail, wind, snow and rain are not usually a problem for solar panels.

Our most common reason for a homeowner to seek solar panel maintenance is if a panel or component fails. This is usually due to a manufacturing defect, in which case repair or replacement is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Zenernet will help you to submit your warranty claim and organize any necessary repairs at no cost to you.

If the panel or component failure is due to poor workmanship – or, in other words, if the panel was damaged during installation – the repair or replacement is covered by our workmanship warranty.

So what does a homeowner need to do to maintain their solar panels?

Simply keep an eye on them! If they are covered with dust, pollen or fallen leaves, a quick hose down should be more than enough to clean them off. Even that’s not necessary in most climates because panels are installed at an angle that allows debris to slide off, and rainfall will take care of any debris build up

If you suspect your panels are suffering from a malfunction, contact Zenernet to help you figure out what is wrong with the panels and how to use your warranty to take care of the issue.

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