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Connecticut: Big Solar Value In A Small State

Cut Your Utility Bill With Residential Solar

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Solar Delivers Value For Connecticut Homeowners

Despite being geographically the third smallest state, Connecticut is showing many larger states how it’s done when it comes to promoting solar energy and helping homeowners save money.

Connecticut’s solar energy incentives are often cited as a model for the rest of the nation, and have made it one of the fastest-growing smaller states for solar adoption. Residential solar can be especially attractive to Connecticut residents because like many other New England states, Connecticut’s utility rates are higher than the national average.

As a homeowner in Connecticut, you can save money and live more comfortably with solar. Zenernet can help – book your consultation now, or read on to learn more.

See how much solar in Connecticut can save you.

Why Go Solar In Connecticut?

Two factors are driving more and more people in Connecticut to think about whether solar makes sense for them. The first is high and still-rising utility costs. The second is the forward-thinking combination of incentives that makes going solar a more affordable and valuable investment than in many other states.

Relief From Rising Utility Rates

The biggest reason many Connecticut homeowners consider residential solar is high utility rates. Connecticut’s rates are the 2nd highest in the nation, despite the state being well in the lower half of states for average energy usage. And yet the already-high rates are predicted to still go up by more than 20% in 2022. You can offset part of that high monthly utility bill with solar, and as the rates continue to rise, the value of your solar investment will rise as well.

Making Your Utility Pay You With Solar Net Metering

Net Metering programs make solar more financially beneficial for homeowners in many states. Simply put, Net Metering allows energy your solar system produces that you don’t use to be sent back to the grid, and your utility credits you for it, increasing your savings.

Connecticut Solar Quick Facts


Average cost to install solar panels in Connecticut

8 Years

Average payback period


Average 20-year savings


Average electricity bill offset

*Costs, payback periods, and savings vary based on county.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Connecticut?

Going solar in Connecticut is not only a smart financial decision today but a stable, predictable investment for years to come. In 2022, solar panels are no longer a luxury purchase. Significant improvements in solar technology and reductions in installation costs have given Connecticut homeowners the power to save money while giving them greater freedom from reliance on utility companies.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Powering your home with renewable solar energy can significantly reduce your dependence on utility companies and lower your monthly energy costs. Better yet, if your home solar system produces more energy than you need that month, many Connecticut utility companies will give you credit on your next electric bill. That means on those few cloudy days when your solar system isn’t producing enough power, you can apply solar credits to your monthly electricity bill to reduce or even eliminate the out-of-pocket cost.

Solar Technology Has Improved Greatly

Since the invention of the first usable solar panel in 1954, solar technology and solar panel efficiency have evolved rapidly. In less than 70 years, solar panel efficiency has increased by more than 100%. Recently named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, Zenernet is making solar smarter with the latest smart home technology. With our easy-to-use monitoring portals, you can conveniently view real-time and long-term solar production stats from any device. In addition to our innovative monitoring systems, we also offer an array of smart home add ons to help you take control of your home energy use and get even more value out of your solar investment.

Build Equity in Your Home

Not only does solar power help you save on your utility bills, but it can also increase the value of your home. Recent studies show that installing solar panels in your home can increase the value of your home by up to 4.1%. With the typical home value in Connecticut almost $330,000 in 2021, that’s a premium of over $22,000! Gaining energy independence, adopting the latest technology, lowering utility costs, and building equity on your home are just a few of the reasons why Connecticut residents are investing in solar with Zenernet.

Choosing The Right Solar Panels For Your Home

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When it comes to choosing the right solar equipment for your home, there is a lot to consider. Solar Panels – the most visible component of your system – are not one size fits all. Solar panels vary by type, appearance, performance, and cost.

In addition to the panels, there are several other essential components to your home solar system, including but not limited to the inverter, battery, and racking system. When it comes time to decide on the right equipment for your home, it’s important to remember that every home and location is unique.

At Zenernet, we work with you to design the perfect solar system for your unique needs. We partner with the leading solar equipment manufacturers on the market today to source the best quality solar equipment available. These partnerships allow our team of experts to create a custom combination of components for your home, so you only pay for the solar system you want – nothing more.

We are committed to facilitating a stress-free and transparent customer experience from start to finish. Book a no-pressure consultation to answer all your questions about going solar.

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Connecticut Solar Panel Tax Credits and Exemptions

Going solar doesn’t have to be a financial burden. With Zenernet, many homeowners can switch to solar and start saving right away with federal incentive programs. Since implementing the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in 2006, the U.S. solar industry has grown by more than 10,000%. Due to the success of this program, homeowners will continue to benefit from this tax credit through 2024. All Zenernet solar installations qualify for the Federal tax credit!

In addition to the federal tax credit and the state level grant programs already discussed, Connecticut has state tax incentives for homeowners going solar. Like many of the other best states for residential solar, Connecticut exempts renewable energy upgrades like solar from both sales tax and from property taxes, saving you money both on the price of your install and over the life of your system.

In preparation for your solar installation, our team of energy experts will help you take advantage of the solar tax credit and incentive opportunities that are available to you.

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Become one of the thousands of Connecticut residents who are saving money and living more comfortably with residential solar. Take advantage of sunny weather, attractive tax incentives, and Net Metering that makes your utility pay you. You can save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar installation, gain independence from your utility companies, and contribute to a better future!

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are no longer dependent on Connecticut utility companies to power your life and home. Take back your power with Zenernet solar and start saving thousands right away. Book a no-pressure consultation to answer all your questions about going solar.