Connecticut Rolls Out New Battery Incentives

Government bodies are recognizing the potential of large-scale energy storage

The state of Connecticut has just started offering a valuable new incentive for homeowners who want to install battery storage.

Under the new program, called Energy Storage Solutions, homeowners can qualify for an upfront incentive of about $200 per kWh of battery capacity installed, up to a maximum of $7500. Homeowners are also eligible for performance-based incentives depending on how much power their storage contributes to the grid during high-demand periods.

The program is available to residential customers of Eversource and United Illuminating, the two utilities that service almost the entirety of the state. Commercial and industrial customers qualify for even greater incentives. There are also added incentives for low-income customers, those in underserved communities, small businesses, and customers who have experienced the worst outages in the past. The program will continue through at least 2030.

The new program is part of the state’s ambitious clean energy goals, which include a commitment to deploy 1000MW of energy storage by 2030. The incentives enhance the value proposition of adding battery storage to plans for a new solar install, and are worth considering for any Connecticut homeowners who are interested in battery storage for a new or existing solar installation. Our expert energy consultants can help you understand the program and how it applies to you and your home.

While solar energy adoption is continuing to rapidly gain momentum across the country, new incentives like Connecticut’s are one example of government bodies realizing that pairing solar generation with storage capacity on a large scale is the next step in building a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

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