Solar Group Buy program delivering big savings to KC homeowners

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More than a dozen homeowners have jumped on our group buy deal…who’s next?

At the beginning of July, we announced our limited-time Group Buy program – a collaboration with Solarhood, an initiative of Black & Veatch Corporation, with the goal of bringing unbeatable prices on residential solar to Kansas City-area homeowners. Less than two weeks into the program, 13 homeowners have gone solar under the deal. Many of these homeowners stand to see immediate savings on their monthly energy payments, and all will save significant money over the lifetime of their system.

Solar Group Buy Savings in Kansas City

The Zenernet & Solarhood Group Buy program reduces the price of solar by around 20 percent. Combined with the 30 percent Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, KC area homeowners can go solar with Zenernet for 50 percent off.

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There’s still time to take advantage of this special pricing. With the price tag cut in half, the likelihood that installing solar will lead to lower energy payments right away is much higher.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Next week, we’ll post examples of homeowners in the KC area who are going solar under the Group Buy deal who will see savings from Day One and project to see major savings over the decades their system will produce power.

In the meantime, if you’re tired of paying your electricity bill every month, put your utility to the test. Get in touch with us here, and we’ll help you design a system and crunch the numbers to see if we can beat the rates you’re paying now. You have nothing to lose, and potentially thousands to save.

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