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Zenernet is joining forces with Solarhood to bring record-low solar prices to Kansas City area

Please Note: The solar industry is evolving rapidly, and many of our older blog posts may contain outdated information. Please continue to follow our blog and social media channels for updates on changing conditions. 

Zenernet is joining forces with Solarhood to bring record-low solar prices to Kansas City area! 

We were founded on the mission of Accelerating Energy Independence for All – this month, we’re taking a big step in making solar more affordable for more people in our own backyard. Through a collaboration with Solarhood, an initiative of Black & Veatch Corporation, we’re launching a Group Buy program that we expect to make the cost of going solar in the Kansas City area among the lowest anywhere in the country.

The Group Buy program will originate through Solarhood’s mobile and web app, available at solarhood.com and on the App Store and Google Play Store. Then, you’ll experience Zenernet’s trademark customer experience, starting with a no-pressure consultation where we’ll answer all your questions and discuss the costs and benefits of going solar under the Group Buy program.

We expect the group buy program to bring the cost of going solar down by around 20 percent. With the 30 percent federal solar tax credit factored in, Kansas City-area homeowners could stand to save up to half off on a solar installation. This means that even more homeowners in the area will save money right away by going solar, in addition to being protected from future utility rate increases. This is an exciting opportunity for area homeowners to take advantage of one of the best deals the solar industry has ever seen, and reap the benefits for years and decades.

We’re excited to work on this initiative with Solarhood, a fellow Kansas City solar company, with whom we’re well aligned in our mission to make solar more affordable, accessible, and approachable. This collaboration will allow each of us to contribute our respective strengths as companies to maximize the impact of this program and ensure a smooth and enjoyable customer experience.

The Group Buy program is now live and will be available until late August. To learn more, go to solarhood.com or download the Solarhood app on your app marketplace. You can also click here to get started.

If you don’t live in the Kansas City area, stay tuned – we expect to roll out Group Buy pricing in additional markets soon.

Interested in being a part of the energy independence movement? Click “BOOK A CONSULTATION” to get started.

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