Aurora Solar highlights Zenernet Founder & CEO’s remote sales expertise

Take a closer look at the remote selling opportunity and check out Aurora Solar’s blog post featuring our Founder and CEO, JP Gerken.

Remote sales, or inside sales, has been a popular strategy as long as the telephone has existed – but this year, amidst the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, it’s taken center stage. Zenernet’s Founder & CEO, JP Gerken, is an expert in remote sales, with more than 20 years of experience working in and managing inside sales centers. Our partners at Aurora, an innovative solar design and engineering company, interviewed JP about the opportunities remote sales presents and the strategies to a winning remote approach.

In Aurora’s post, JP discusses the recent growth in remote sales spurred by the pandemic, the opportunities that come with going remote, the differences between remote sales and traditional, person-to-person sales, and the most important strategies for an effective remote operation.

“Remote sales requires quickly building meaningful, authentic connections with strangers over the internet. Investments in people, training, and technology will help ensure that all your remote customers enjoy a consistent, high-quality customer experience and provide you with future referrals.”

Get JP’s full insights into the remote sales process here:

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One of the cornerstones to an effective remote sales organization is lead generation – join JP and Aurora’s Sarah Kim, Digital Marketing Director, on September 30th to learn the secrets to customer acquisition. Register here:

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