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Accessing System Monitoring

Here’s where to login and track your solar energy production

One of the most fun and convenient “extras” included in modern residential solar systems is the ability to monitor your system’s energy production. Monitoring portals allow you to see in real time how much power you’re generating with solar and won’t have to buy from your utility. Monitoring can also alert you to any issues with your system that might require service under your warranties.

Besides converting the energy your solar panels produce into AC electricity you can use to power your home, the inverter in your solar system serves the function of monitoring the amount of energy your panels are producing. Therefore, the monitoring portal you’ll have access to depends on the type of inverter used in your system. Please consult your solar project contract if you aren’t sure what brand of inverter you have.

You can find links to login to the monitoring portals for all of the inverter brands used in Zenernet solar installs below.

SolarEdge systems:
SolarEdge Monitoring Platform

Enphase systems:
Enphase Enlighten

SMA systems (wifi-connected):
SMA Sunny Portal

SMA systems (cell-connected):
SMA Ennex OS

Generac systems:
Generac PwrView

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