The Zenernet Story

Why We're On a Mission
to Accelerate Energy
Independence for All.

Different From Day One

Solar is a solution to rising energy costs, unreliable utilities, and environmental damage. It’s not just a product we sell, it’s something we believe in – and we believe it deserves a different approach than the industry’s business-as-usual.


Zenernet was founded by solar veterans whose commitment to innovation and customer service has propelled our rapid growth.

Our Mission
& Values

We’re devoted to delivering better customer experiences through transparency, responsibility, and constant improvement.


Equip dedicated people with innovative technology and processes to give homeowners a better deal, a better experience, and a better life.


Thousands of rave reviews on independent sites are a testament to our commitment to a standout customer experience.

Our History

J P Gerken Headshot

“Zenernet’s job is to make renewable technology easy and intuitive, so more homeowners can reap the benefits of energy independence”

Zenernet was created by Founder & CEO J. P. Gerken and a small team of solar veterans who weren’t satisfied with the outdated processes and high-pressure sales tactics they had seen in the industry. From its beginnings in 2017, Zenernet has grown in just a few short years into a thriving, global company – thanks to a focus on innovation, education, and customer experience.

“Zen” is a state of intuitive, peaceful calm, representing the stress-free experience we strive to give customers.

Meaning Of Zenernet

“Enernet” is a term for a distributed, clean energy network built around individual participants generating, storing, and delivering power – representing our dream of an energy-independent future for all.

Our Mission & Values

Mission: To deliver exceptional customer experiences in the pursuit of energy independence for all.

Our mission statement is why we do what we do. It’s what sets us apart and what we take pride in. Our values are the standards we strive to uphold and the principles that guide us as we pursue that mission day-to-day.


We strive daily to improve through innovation. From Process to Product to People, we are committed to finding the most efficient solutions to support our customers.

Iterate &

We are focused on process and self-improvement on a daily basis. We believe in the relentless pursuit of perfection, knowing it can never be achieved but understanding the pursuit yields excellence.


We have a proactive mindset when it comes to providing information and support to customers and each other. Procrastination is never an option.


We own our tasks and our daily outcomes. We are each responsible for our roles and never blame others for our failures. We seek assistance and guidance and we put in every effort necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

Radical Honesty & Kind Candor

We are open, direct, and professional in all communication. We ensure mutual understanding and agreement on goals, tasks, and actions for our individual, company, and customer successes.

Environmental Impact

We give and we gain. We are focused on making a positive impact on the environment and the people with whom we interact

Our Vision

Zenernet started with a determination to do better than what the solar industry had previously considered “good enough.” Today we’re still just as passionate about finding better ways to bring solar to more homeowners. As we learn from experience and new tools and technologies become available, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we deliver.

Tech Forward & Innovative

We use technology to find new ways of making solar more accessible, affordable, and understandable.

Ease of Use, All the Way Through the Process

We take the stress out of going solar by handling the hassles of scheduling and logistics and maintaining clear communication.

Bringing What's Science Fiction Today Into Your Life

We improve homeowners’ lives by showing them how technology they may have considered the stuff of science fiction are within their reach today.

Our Accolades

When you do things differently, you stand out. Zenernet’s distinctive approach, constant innovation, and rapid growth have earned us some pretty high-profile distinctions.

Zenernet Fast Company 2021 Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company

Named on FastCompany’s annual list of the Most Innovative Companies in the World in 2021
Zenernet Inc 5000

Inc. 5000

Debuted on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list in the top 200 fastest growing companies in the world
Zenernet Forbes


Ranked on Forbes Advisor’s “The Best Solar Panel Installation Companies Of 2022”
Zenernet Top 10 Ranked Best Companies

Best Company

Top-rated by homeowners on BestCompany, a prestigious consumer product and service ranking website
Zenernet Cnet


Recommended by CNET as a top online brand in its Where to Shop for Solar guide

Our Reviews

It’s our mission to deliver the best customer experience in solar, and we’re proud to have thousands of rave reviews as a testament to that focus. We aren’t perfect, but when concerns are brought to our attention we pull out all the stops to make it right.

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