Accelerating Energy Independence for All: On Earth Day, and every day

Earth Day is an important one for us at Zenernet. An appreciation for the planet we live on – from its natural terrain to its towns and cities, to the people that populate it – runs deep in our culture.

You can see it in our people. Our team lives and has roots from coast to coast and beyond. From the Bay Area, the birthplace of the American solar revolution and the place where our founder got his start in the industry, to the rugged deserts of the southwest, to our headquarters in the Heartland, we are well acquainted with the Earth’s natural beauty. Many of our weekends and vacations are spent exploring and enjoying our favorite corners of the world.

More importantly, though, you see it in our mission: Accelerating Energy Independence for All. It’s the reason our company exists, and the common interest that drives each of us to do our part in perfecting the experience of going solar. We see making solar energy affordable, efficient, and accessible as more than just a job or a business opportunity – we see it as a calling.

Energy powers our world and enables the standard of living we enjoy. But, as we know, there are consequences to many of the energy sources we rely on. It’s imperative that we expand the use of existing clean energy technologies and continue to invest in and develop new ones. Each time a homeowner goes solar, it’s two steps in the right direction – it means one more home running on more sustainable energy, and it allows companies like Zenernet to continue working toward wider adoption of clean energy technology.

At Zenernet, we think about our mission toward energy independence as lots of small pictures that form a big one. For homeowners to go solar, we need to make the customer experience smooth and approachable. We also need to make sure our systems look great and work seamlessly. We need to use materials and processes that ensure no damage is done to the homes we install on and we need to make the return on investment worthwhile for our customers. That’s our job. We love it and take it seriously. And if we do it well, together with our customers, we can help do right by the world we all share.

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